What is PlugShare?

Electric cars are far easier to manage than traditional ones, they are also cheaper but they do have a small problem, the average travel distance averages at around 150 km and considering that the distribution of charging stations throughout the country is still insufficient, the user always travels with the risk of remaining in “short” of energy. For this, as in many countries, we decided to create a community of users who wish to provide their own private outlet. Go Electric Stations will allow you to not only know the availability of public charging stations, but will also provide the mapping and status for private outlets shared by the users of the PlugShare community.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The service providers of PlugShare:

1. What are the requirements for becoming a member of the community?

Joining the community is easy, simply register on the site and enter the data about your outlet. You do not need an electric vehicle but you must make sure your wiring is up to code and is equipped with the required safety devices. At any time you can change the status, or unsubscribe if you no longer want to provide your service.

2. Do I have to pay the cost of charging?

The provided energy is at a cost which can vary between suppliers, usually a full charge is around $5 but we leave you the option of putting the price you feel is necessary.

3. Do I have to be at home during the use of my outlet?

It’s your choice but consider that the charging time can vary greatly, depending on the type of power that your installation is able to supply. If the user has to complete a full charge, it is possible several hours will be needed; therefore you should have an appointment and be free during the charging time.

4. How is information shared when using PlugShare?

All information about the state of the service can be found on our website. You may also retrieve additional information that will be displayed in the search results.

5. Are there other services to be provided or will I just provide the power?

The PlugShare service is only concerned with making the various installations available, the fact remains whether or not you want to provide any further service which would definitely be well accepted by the user.  The “description” portion of your account allows you to divulge as much information and service as you want.

6. Can I get in touch with the user to cancel the reservation?

To subscribe, create an account by entering your information, then when a user wants to use your power supply, they will contact you via e-mail or phone.  You should leave a forwarding address to contact as well, should any case of problems arise.

The charging service for those using PlugShare:

1. How can I find a “PlugShare” outlet?

Just visit our website icon search stations.

2. How do I know which PlugShare is compatible for my car?

Usually the PlugShare is provided by users that have an electric car and thus have access to a suitable outlet to recharge the battery of your vehicle or at best an at home charging station. If a user should have a home charging station, the type of outlet or connector is shown in the info about that plug. All electric vehicles are provided with a charging adapter socket at home.

3. How much does it cost?

The price of the refill is decided by the users of the community, everyone is free to make the price they want. This information will be highlighted in each description profile and so then each plug user, hypothetically, can know in advance from the site, the price and availability.

4. How can I book a recharge?

To book a recharge get in touch with the PlugShare service provider then just call or e-mail the provider.

5. How long does it take to recharge?

The time of charging for an electric vehicle varies, dependent on the capacity of the batteries of your vehicle and the power that is capable of being delivered from the single outlet provided by the selected supplier. It is therefore not possible to estimate a time for recharging. Before your trip and given the information about the plug you will be using to recharge your vehicle you may know, from experience, the estimated time for your charge.

6. Can I know, before embarking on my trip, if an outlet will be available?

Before going on a long trip, especially if you have to rely exclusively on PlugShare, you should always book within a certain amount of advance with the chosen supplier to ensure its availability for your use on that day.

7. Can I contact the manager to cancel my reservation?

It is polite and a good idea to notify your service provider if you are going to be arriving late or if you want to cancel your reservation. Again, a certain amount of advance should be provided, especially when cancelling your reservation. PlugShare relies on us, the people, user and provider. The mission is for both parties to have the best experience possible, as most providers are volunteering their services.

8. Do I have to provide the PlugShare service to use the service of PlugShare?

Absolutely not, you are welcome to join our community and share your outlet or simply rely on one of our members to fulfill your charging and travel needs. PlugShare is a community available to help users of electric vehicles.